Who Wants to Be a Soccer Star?

Every kid on the field! Here are eight simple ways that parents, coaches, and other loved ones can help their favorite child find success in the game of soccer.

1. Encourage them to practice their dribbling and shooting skills. Remember to show as much as enthusiasm for hard work as for actual success. Soccer for children should be a fun and light-hearted experience that focuses on improving teamwork and athletic skills, not winning.

2. Point out soccer as it appears in the media. truc tiep bong da tai kenh tructiepbongda.info There are many excellent books and magazines related to soccer, as well as documentaries and movies such as Bend It Like Beckham. Point out that heroes such as David Beckham and Pele achieved their status through hard work and fair play.

3. Allow them to experience a variety of soccer positions, either in a team during practice or one-on-one with a trusted adult. Similarly, allow them to try a variety of plays during practices and the game. You never know what skill will give your child a much needed chance to shine.

4. Be unconditionally supportive. This means congratulating your team as enthusiastically when they lose as when they win. There is always a positive aspect that can be focused upon. While it is important to talk about mistakes, it is important to present them as opportunities for improvement and growth. Children who don’t receive support even when they fail may quit the sport altogether to avoid being scolded.

5. Emphasize teamwork. Soccer is not the only sport in which working together pays off in spades; life in general requires this essential skill. When you teach children to be good soccer players, you are giving them a skill that will take them far in life.

6. Teach the child to respect the coaches and referees. Learning how to deal politely with an authority figure is another life skill that will help children find success as they grow older.

7. Push them (but only a little). All kids want to stay home from practice when they are tired or have a favorite television show to watch. All soccer players want to quit after losing a game. Adults need to push children to stretch their boundaries and make the decisions necessary to achieve success. While pushing a child too much will turn them off the game entirely, not pushing them at all will practically guarantee failure.

8. Be a coach. More parents, grandparents, and other adults need to get involved in their children’s soccer team. Every soccer league has a shortage of coaches and other adults so don’t think your offers of assistance will go ignored. There is more than enough work to go around.

Soccer is one of the best ways for children to learn skills they will use in their adult lives, including discipline, teamwork, and a good attitude. Support from loving adults is one of the most important factors in whether a child learns these valuable traits. With these eight tips, you can propel the child you love to success on the field and in their life.

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