Things You Get to Learn From Defensive Driving Courses

Accidents always happen on the road and a lot of people are not even aware of it and the incoming danger it poses to the lives of the motorists. Although most of the drivers you see are doing the right thing on the road, you cannot help it that some of them are accident prone due to their driving techniques and styles. If you are a new driver and are highly concerned about your safety and that of the people who are inside your car, then you should take defensive driving courses before you start getting yourself into the road.

Defensive driving courses teach you how to make the necessary precautions before you leave your place and when on the road. It teaches you how to read the signs of incoming danger and how to avoid them, and also gives you the knowledge of what to do when you are already involved in an accident. One of the most important things that they teach you in defensive driving are that for you to not forget to use your headlight especially when driving in foggy areas and during nighttime. You should be able to understand that driving in the night without any lights on are illegal, and are very accident prone. This is because other cars on the opposite direction might have a hard time seeing you, as well as the pedestrians crossing the streets.

Another important thing that you get to learn from defensive driving courses are that for a driver to always keep in mind and abide by the three second rule when driving on the road. This rule suggests that you should always be three seconds away from the car in front of you the whole time. This is so because it will give you enough space to hit the brakes during unwanted and sudden stops of the car in front of you. This rule also states that during bad conditions (such as strong rains which makes the road very slippery), you should at least be five seconds away from the car that is in front of you. This is because when the road is wet, you cannot avoid skidding when you hit the brakes suddenly.

Perhaps this is the most important thing and the most common mistakes that you should avoid when on the road – and this is not to follow big vehicles like trucks and buses too close. This is because if you stay too close with these big vehicles, chances are they might not be able to see you, and this is one accident you don’t want to get involved on, because getting your car run over by machines as big as these could get really ugly.

Defensive driving courses are always available out there for people like you to have the knowledge about safety precautions on the road. Remember that it is not only you and your car you should observe on the road but also that of the other drivers. This will ensure a safe driving for you and your passengers as well as other motorists.

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