The Secrets of the Threes and Twelves

Pssst…! Wanna know a secret?

How about the secrets of the Threes and Elevens?

The 3’s and 11’s roll 918kiss only twice in thirty six rolls, or once in eighteen rolls. The payoff for the 11 (or 3) is fifteen to one, which means that if you bet $5, and the 11/3 hits on the next roll, you’ll win $75.

Wanna know the secrets that craps pros use to profit from the threes and elevens?

Let’s find out!

To use this method you need to count the rolls and know how many rolls have passed since the last 11/3. When you start playing, wait for a first 11/3 and begin counting. After twenty rolls, and no second 11/3, you begin betting. If another 11/3 rolls before you start betting, you start all over. Counting rolls is easy. Use your chip racks – the top one for 3’s, the bottom one for 11’s. Start with $1 chips and move them across the rack.

When five $1 chips are moved, replace them with one $5 one. Keep a very careful eye on the rolls and don’t lose your concentration.

After twenty rolls have passed, begin betting one dollar on the 11/3. Continue adding $1 to your bet on every roll, until the 11/3 is hit.

Remember, the 11/3 pays a whopping 15 to 1, so if you bet just $20, you will win $300. Of course, you have to subtract the money you’ve already bet from the money you’ve won to give you profit.

When you start betting, remember, there have already been 20 rolls since the last 11/3, so you are really starting on the 21st roll. It is unlikely that an 11/3 will roll less than once in 36 rolls. But, in the improbable event that an 11/3 takes more than 40 rolls (20 rolls plus the first counted 20), you will need to increase your bets by $2, instead of $1.

Let’s look at some examples. If you win on the fourth roll (after the initial 20, which is actually the 24th) you will make $60 ($4×15) from your $4 bet. But, you’ve already bet $10 ($1+ $2 +$3 +$4), so your profit really is $50 ($60 – $10).

On the 15th roll (after the initial 20 which is actually the 35th) where you bet $15, you’ll win $225 ($15×15), and have a $105 profit, because you’ve already bet $120.


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