Stair Lifts to Smoothly Glide From One Floor to Another

Going up and down a staircase is often a dangerous and difficult task for the elderly generation and physically challenged people. In this case, it is better to install stair lifts since these help the disabled to smoothly glide from one floor to another – more conveniently and safely.

An economical solution with many practical uses at your front door or cabin door or in an outdoor area, stair lifts facilitate smooth movement. This mobility product generally uses a rail or track system that is mounted to the stairs. A chair or small platform is attached, which helps the people to move up and down the stairs while remaining in a seated or standing position. According to application purposes, one can buy either electric or battery powered stair chair lifts.

The stair chair lift range is unrivalled in its lift rumah choice of models and options. Nowadays, stairlifts designed for straight, curved, and spiral stairways are available in the stores. Straight stairway lift offers easy and convenient floor to floor access. This line of chair lifts guarantees a smooth, powerful and quiet operation along with reliability and safety. Yet another type of stairlifts widely used is the curved stair chair lift, designed for curved stair cases that have corners or bends. As this chair lift is custom designed to exactly fit your staircase, it is more expensive than straight stairway chair lift. While the installation of straight stairway lifts takes only a little time, the curved models require a period of 4 to 12 weeks. While some branded stair chair lift models have folding tracks, different controls, and folding arms, some come with hand-held control and glides, upholstered seats, and more.

Stair lifts have the following standard features:

o Available in styles suiting virtually any type of stairway – straight or curved
o Blends with any home or office decor
o Easy to use
o Powerful and quiet operation
o Allows the normal use of the stairs

With so many branded stair chair lifts on offer, it is easy to find the perfect stair lift that is appropriate for your needs. A countless number of dealers are in the scenario to provide stairway lifts of different types. Before purchasing, it is better to have a basic understanding of the available types of stair lifts, their features and the technologies that make them work.

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