Soccer Field

Soccer, or football, is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is also a multi billion dollar business. Soccer for fun is still huge, though – mark out a soccer field, and you are all set.

Before soccer became such a huge industry, before money began to dictate too much about it, soccer was not considered an acceptable career option, and it was only pursued by people who were not only talented, but who would have been willing to, and on many occasions did, live on a soccer field.

Now, we find children on the soccer field because they want to be the next David Bekham, with his extravagant lifestyle and his endorsement deals. They do not very often think of the people who almost gave their lives up on the soccer fields and off it, in different ways. There are children on the soccer field who have never heard of Diego Mara Dona and the brilliance that was truc tiep bong da hom nay marred by his battle with drug addiction. They might have heard about Pele, but they do not care about the sheer poetry that was his movement. They see the money, and they see the scandals and the controversies.

There have been many battles fought on the soccer field, of epic proportions. When it comes to precision, the European teams have what it takes. To see the German team on the field is to see an act of calculated efficiency that can give you chills.

However, the Latin American teams have nobody to beat them when it comes to passion. Brazil is almost synonymous with soccer now. Argentina is synonymous with football, and also, unfortunately, which choking on the big stage, as they showed during their last World Cup outing. Individual brilliance plays a large part in the success they have found on the soccer field. Now, they pin their hopes on young Lionel Messi, whose ball control and dribbling skills have been compared to those of the great Mara Dona himself.

However, individual brilliance which is difficult to find in international soccer comes to light in club football. This is one of the biggest businesses in the world now. Players are transferred on multimillion dollar contracts, and everything seems to mercenary at times that one cannot help but wonder what happened to loyalty – and playing for passion. There are young players now, like Christiano Ronaldo, to name just one, who have the potential to turn a match around with their efforts. All we can do is wait and see what they do with these amazing abilities.

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