Jigsaw Puzzle Mats

When it comes to the essentials of a dojo, be it at home or an official business; considering your training materials can be tricky, and for some even stressful. However, thankfully there are those willing to help, by lending their experience and feedback on the matter. That is what I am offering here, with a quick “plus and minus list” of my experience with “puzzle martial art mats” in my years of martial arts training.

Remember, these are just my opinion; you do not mo hinh kim loai 3d have to believe me. The best will always be trial and error, but taking some feedback into account may save you some money, or troubles in the long run.

That said; here goes:

Positive Points about Martial Arts “puzzle mats”:

• Easier to replace if damaged than large conventional mats. You buy a piece instead of a completely large mat.

• When done properly, they are very easy to clean and dry quickly.

• They hold the possibility for a “custom cut” for fitting difficult corners or areas.

• Falls are often experienced as “harder” than on many conventional mats; pushing martial artist enthusiast to focus on proper fall techniques.

• Easy to pick up and store away in case of multiple usage of space.

• Can be easily removed in sections, if so needed.

• Having to remember certain patterns for the laying of mats is not necessary to prevent mats from moving.

• Mats are firmly “puzzled” together to hinder moving apart during training.

• Easy to move “as one” when combined into one big mat.

• Easy to take apart, lift, and transport if needed elsewhere.

• Can be used indoors and out.

• Can be very cost efficient in relation to some other mat types.

• When training with metal weapons enthusiast is forced to focus harder on technique and keeping hold of his weapon, save he damage the mats.

• If one side is stained, scratched or damaged, often it can be turned over for further use of the other side.

• Can be less slippery when surface is wet from sweat, when compared to many other surfaces.

Less Than Positive Points about Martial Arts “puzzle mats”:

• Training with any pointed, edged, or sharp weapons can be damaging if dropped upon mats. (this goes for almost any mat type anyway)

• Those sensitive to joint instability may gain extra instability after prolonged and constant training on puzzle mats (if not under any other training/treatment regime.)

• Can lead to “mat burns” easier than some other mat types during training.

• Some prefer a more “cushioned” fall.

Well I hope you find this quick list helpful in deciding what to use in your dojo. Personally, I have trained on many different types of surfaces; and I always prefer the great outdoors! Next to that, using puzzle mats can be a great, safer, and more cost effective solution than some other types, and certainly a hardwood floor!

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